Monday, July 13, 2015

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I arrived in city on Sunday, summer solstice (yes, I traveled on Father’s Day) as a result of events begin bright and early Mon morning, to listen to regarding the Falcon nine launch failure, the primary for that family of launchers. even if it occurred 130+ seconds into the launch section, if the rocket fails to deliver the payload or provides to orbit or their destination, it's usually stated as a launch failure. Technicians and subject-matter specialists are debating for a few time precisely what caused the failure, however there may be little question this is often an enormous blow to the area Exploration Technology Corporation — higher called SpaceX.
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 I even have celebrated Elon Musk and knowledgeable his outsize ego nonchalantly for over twenty years, and that i am perpetually astonished at his accomplishments and would ne'er bet against him. I don't mean the ego remark during a negative approach, as a result of history proves that if Elon says he can accomplish the apparently not possible, then he can just do that. are you able to say Tesla Motors? Setbacks simply create him and his team additional determined.
  However, launch setbacks area unit vie out on a national stage wherever lives might be at stake. SpaceX President and COO (Chief in operation Officer) Gwynne Shotwell, the brains of the outfit, United Nations agency is as seductive as she is sensible, aforementioned following the launch failure, “I’m positive we are going to notice the cause apace and resume traditional launch operations at intervals a year.”
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Reportedly, SpaceX is already somewhat late in scheduled  launches with Associate in Nursing desirable backlog totaling close to $7B, several of that area unit government payloads. In the end, this simply highlights that the launch business could be a robust nut to crack, and a focus to detail is dominant. each very little detail should be scrutinized varied times.
 within the middle Nineties, Dr. John Darrah and that i (then {afspc|Air Force area Command|AFSPC|command} Chief person and Deputy respectively) beneath the auspices of Air Force Space Command and also the Institute For Defense Analyses (IDA) fashioned a high-level cluster of material specialists (SMEs) to review why the U.S. government, within the matter of a number of months, place many billion bucks value of area hardware into water rather than the vacuum of area. The cluster was labeled  the BAR, or Broad space Review, and its task was to euphemistically “bar” this kind of abnormal launch activity from ever happening once more. I will honestly say the BAR has been wildly booming.

There are 5 separate BARs up to now, and there has not been a military or national security area launch failure since the BAR’s origination. There have begen over a hundred and twenty booming launches by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and also the combined organization called ULA or United Launch Alliance. i'm not at liberty to reveal the findings of the assorted BARs, however clearly attention to detail is essential to any booming endeavor.
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SpaceX domed from Associate in Nursing upstart tiny company with a number of workers to an authorized government area launch contractor with over $7 billion in contracts and three,000+ personnel on the payroll in barely thirteen years. SpaceX antecedently with success launched 2 lading resupply missions to the artificial satellite. To date, it's the sole preponderantly business area company to accomplish that task.
Therefore, i'm sanguine while not a doubt (now I sound like Elon) that SpaceX can quickly discover the malfunction that caused the launch failure and proper it instantly. this is often to not say that anyone at SpaceX has been advisedly careless, however the booming area launch business these days is by necessity Associate in Nursing OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) culture of attention to detail wherever things area unit checked not once or doubly however twenty times to create positive nothing has been unnoticed or assumed. However, for SpaceX the essential task, for the success of the corporate and future astronauts’ lives, depends on SpaceX’s assurance there'll be no additional failures for any reason. The U.S. military has proved  for the last sixteen years — sixteen years while not one national security area launch failure — that it's Associate in Nursing possible goal. Note: presently SpaceX launches don't constitute the range of the BAR, a scenario simply corrected.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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The second single from Daniel Lazo, "Flying Pigeon" is now available on iTunes today. With this song, Ayacucho interpreter expects to surpass the success in digital sales had his first song "If not you," with which he won the first "Single De Oro" of a national artist.


As recalled, "Flying Pigeon" was recorded and produced in Mexico by Mario Ivan Contreras, renowned music producer who has worked with the likes of Alejandro Fernández, Gloria Trevi, Belinda, Paty Cantú, Dulce Maria, Danna Paola, Pandora, among others.

"Flying Pigeon" is a pop ballad that features subtle chords of charango and was first performed live last December 19 at the end of "The Voice Peru".

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On the other hand, the video "If not you," and exceeded 876.600 views in the official channel Vevo Daniel Lazo, and is expected to arrive in the coming days one million copies, ie, less than a month after its premiere.
The leaks that Madonna suffered a few weeks ago will not stop the smash Rebel Heart, their new album, scheduled for next March 10th. Sales with which will debut on the charts but the expectation is that will be well received by the public, thanks to the large number of pre-orders booked in iTunes to date in USA are unknown.

Madonna still finalizing the details of Rebel Heart, his thirteenth studio album which will succeed worldwide. A few weeks ago, someone wanted to play a trick and got internet filter 27 models of possible songs that make up the final tracklist of this new work. Given this misfortune, Madonna and her team reacted quickly and soon put the disc into pre iTunes, making available to the fans 6 of the 20 subjects that will Rebel Heart.

Although sales of the 6 songs together do not exceed 131,000 copies, according to Nielsen Music, and has not entered any Billboard Hot 100, Rebel Heart and accumulates between 50,000 and 60,000 reserves iTunes only in USA! no promo, neither official single on the radio or music video active, that is, if the thing does not give an abrupt change we can say that the new Madonna album will be one of the successes of 2015. For now, already Was # 1 on the iTunes album charts in more than 40 countries ...

In February will be launched officially Living For Love theme as single, video and will, as revealed sources close to the queen of pop is expected the announcement of an extensive international tour to support the arrival of Rebel Heart and thus return to meet their fans again.Id saving for the tickets!

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