Monday, November 10, 2014

Clash of Clans cheats

Cheat and hack

If you see a link to a site that offers a hack or a download link to a hack, I advise you to never click it. We find many of these people on the net that provide you that they have finally found a hack that works, to earn free gems in particular. You may have had the opportunity to see a lot on certain sites or videos on Youtube. Do not be fooled by appearances, most of them are bots. Do not click their links may contain viruses made to steal your information.
It is unlikely that a hack or cheat reliable walking on Clash of Clans cheats Moreover, since the game runs on a separate server.

You can try to cheat against by rootant in your phone and truncating the game files, but again, none of it is still very safe! A test at your expense:-) Anyway, in an online game, cheating is never what will bring you more fun!

Get gems

The gems are used for:

Drastically accelerate construction or improvement of buildings, troop training, improvements ...
Buy some special items
Buy gold or the elixir
Resurrect a hero or increase its health regeneration

You have 500 gems at the beginning, 250 you spend during the tutorial. Then the way to get gems (except ... unreliable methods mentioned above) is either:

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